Imagine being stuck in the darkest time in your life. Everything has fallen apart. You’ve made huge mistakes. You’ve hurt the people you love.
And now you’ve got to dig yourself out of that hole, one step at a time, feeling like you’re going to lose your grip and fall again. What gives you the motivation to keep going? 
Danny Shannon was in that dark hole 10 years ago. He’d entered recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. He was determined to get clean, and he did.


Danny’s lived experience provides audiences with a chance to comprehend the gravity of addiction and the hope of recovery. His presentations and workshops are honest and open, allowing for a non- judgmental space where no question is off limits or inappropriate, but a chance to learn. Danny and his co-presenters explore the realities of drug addiction, crime, hitting ‘rock bottom’, relapse and the impacts on family, community and personal wellbeing. Most of all Danny engages through a message of hope for long-term recovery, no matter how far down into the nightmare of addiction a person has gone. “Do not ever giveup!” 

With over 13 years of recovery and many years of working in supported programs and services for people seeking recovery from addiction, Danny became an entrepreneur, developing the Encapsulator app. This app has been adapted for specific uses in the Out of Home Care and personal development sectors and is used as a journaling tool for those in therapeutic training or providing professional services.. This business moved him into social media, television and therapeutic group programs. Today Danny has a large and diverse following on, Tiktok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more recently a podcast called ‘Kick the Shit’. Danny receives hundreds of messages each month from those seeking help and has never lost his passion to assist others into recovery.

By age 15, Danny Shannon had developed a full-blown drug and alcohol addiction. Spending his 18th birthday in Parramatta prison, and later escaping from Silverwater in 2001, Danny has since turned his life around and is now over 13 years clean.
“I have lived a colourful life and my experiences now serve as lessons for others. I now represent a symbol of hope for so many people going through exactly what I did for over a decade, and I couldn’t be happier about that.”
-Danny Shannon